Goethe Kotosa ( Live Musik Groove)

The event will host and feature the Fra Band. The Fra Band performances is noted for its technical prowess, melodic phrasings, playful lyricism and progressive roots based on their Afrocentric heritage. As winners of the 10th edition of Casa Africa’s Vis-a-Vis project, the band toured Spain in 2019 where they performed at various music festivals including Etnosur, Pirineos Sur, Canarias Jazz Festival, La mars de musicas, La Porta Ferrada, MAPAS, MUMES and Sin Sal. The group has also delighted fans at Visa for Music Festival (Morocco 2019) and Sauti Za Busara Festival (Zanibar 2020)

Date: Wednesday, 8th December, 2021

Time: 7:00PM

Location: Goethe Institut, Accra