NEXTi2i Impact Workshop

Join the NEXTi2i team to learn more about the project outcomes and interact with others in resource sessions. 

The resources were developed by the Ashesi University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology D-Lab team and can be used for entrepreneurship ecosystem development, hybrid business incubation, and Lean Research. Each resource share will be published and shared with the public thanks to contributions from Ashesi University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology D-Lab, and USAID.

NEXTi2i is composed of three interrelated programs, was designed to accelerate the capacity of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship ecosystem at Ashesi University and in Ghana. It targets Ashesi University students and recent graduates, stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ghana, and researchers and developers of entrepreneurship and humanitarian development in Ghana. 


NEXTi2i is implemented by Ashesi University and supported through a partnership with MIT D-Lab and USAID. It has also leveraged support from local organizations to build resources and perform activities in the community to meet its strategic objectives.

The three programs within NEXTi2i are:

  • Ashesi Venture Incubator for Ashesi University graduates who are developing their hybrid business model to make an impact in their community and become profitable. 
  • Ecosystem Convening to convene builders and support organizations in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and develop the Entrepreneurial Value Chain Approach (EVCA) project. 
  • Lean Research to share the Lean Research framework with Ashesi University and the Ashesi Network.

Date: Thursday, 16th September, 2021

Time: 6:00PM - 7:30PM

Location: ONLINE

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